D'brickashaw Johnson (DJ) is one of the main protagonists of the Minecraft Youtube Roleplay Series, Yandere High School.

Non-Canon Pilot Episode : As many know, there was a pilot episode before the official Yandere High School was released. The reason for this was to see if people supported the idea of there being a YHS series. Since it got over 600 views, this was obviously a yes to the director. In that non-canon episode, there were only 5 characters. Scott, Craig, Jay, Izzy, and the 'teacher'. Jay was basically the series equivalent of DJ. Like DJ, Jay was on the football team and friends with Scott. Unlike the canon series, Jay and Scott were not half-brothers. In fact, the other main protagonist in the non-canon episode was supposedly Craig (Played by ChaosMageCrash).

Canon - About two years prior to Episode One, Scott and DJ's unnamed mom died. DJ didn't a good history with her considering the fact that she left him and his dad, Tyler Johnson. After the mother left, DJ and his dad learned to live on their own in Autumncrest. A couple years later, they had a fabulous house in the neighborhood, DJ was on honor roll, and DJ's dad had just gotten a promotion. DJ's precious little life changed the night he found his dad lying on the ground out cold. His father had died. The thing about this was that DJ's dad knew he didn't have much time left due to the fact he was ill. Before he died, he told DJ not to greif because he would be okay up there. During the time before Scott arrived, DJ learned quickly how to take care of himself with the help of his friends. A week after DJ's dads death Scott arrived in Autumncrest and DJ was confused on why he was trying to cheer him up and 'comfort' him. He then told Scott what his dad told him and Scott understood.

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